Castetter Sustainability Group


For the 2018 season our sister company, Castetter Sustainability Group, grew hemp at six family farms across the State of New York to help create our wine. Not only are their farms are all free of herbicides and pesticides, they also source track to the specific farm where your hemp was grown. This way you will have the peace of mind that your product is safe, effective, and sourced from New York family farms.  Castetter Sustainability Group (CSG) works with retailers, farmers, processors, and any company looking to do business in the hemp industry across the country. As with many fast emerging industries, hemp has been caught up in a confusing regulatory environment, been filled with unethical businesses, and mired in misinformation. CSG is focused on sustainability, enriching partnerships with farmers and local businesses, research, and a forward vision to help meet the demands of an ever changing world. They also offer brand development services for companies in the hemp industry, such as, videos, interviews, photo-shoots, aerial footage, photo-realism (3D), labels, logos, web-design, you name it!  Their team has combined decades of experience, in all facets of the hemp and cannabis industries, including cultivation, product development, finance, distribution, and research. They work with Sovereign wines to help source the hemp for the wine. They give the tools, connections, and strategy needed to take full advantage of the booming market of hemp.

Kaelan Castetter