Our Wines

Choose from our award winning line up of hemp infused wines. Whatever your preference is you are sure to find your new favorite wine!


Cayuga White

A delicate balance of crisp, semi-sweet white wine and refreshing notes of aromatic hemp that provides for an exquisitely smooth finish.


Harvest Red Blend

This red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Old Vine Zinfandel is transformed by hemp notes. A new wine is formed in the bottle by this interaction; aged, smooth, and finishes with a beautifully balanced body.


New Wines


Hemp Infused Sweet Rosé

Light, bursting with the finest summer ripened fruit, a delicate touch of strawberry, all brought together by the fresh harvest aromas of our hemp. This is the unexpectadly perfect rosé!


Hemp Infused Oasis Dry Rosé

This fruit forward wine has a light and crisp finish with subtle notes of grapefruit and strawberry. The earthy tones of our hemp gives each sip a remarkably unique experience.


Limited Edition

sweet cayuga.jpg

Sweet Cayuga Reserve

We only blend this wine a few times a year, usually during the hot summer months. It's sweet, hempy, and a perfect companion for days at the beach or just sitting on the deck after work. Try this in our Sangria as the fruit flavors go excellent with the bright notes of this reserve. You will not find this wine or stores but can pick it up with limited availablity at our various events and the Broome Farmer's Market.